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The goal of the mentorship program is to provide individuals experiencing current or past concussions with a unique social support during their recovery process. Throughout the program, mentees will get the opportunity to work with a mentor who has experienced a similar injury in order to minimize feelings of isolation and share useful strategies that worked for them, as well as additional resources and supports. Together we can end the stigma surrounding concussions and develop meaningful connections to ease the recovery process!

What Does it Mean to be a Mentor? 

A mentor will work to provide support, weekly check-ins and additional resources to a mentee who is suffering, or has suffered a concussion. A mentor will have previous experience with concussions and will create a judgement-free space to connect with their mentee. The main goal is to provide insight into the recovery process and show that nobody is alone in their recovery journey! Healing isn't linear, and it is different for everyone. A mentor will work to promote this feeling to their mentee! Fill out an application and be a mentor today!

What Does it Mean to be a Mentee? 

If you are currently suffering or have suffered from a concussion, fill out an application to get started with the mentorship program today! Once the form is completed, you will be paired with a mentor and will be able begin your weekly check in's. The road to recovery should never be alone, and the goal of the mentorship program is to gain access to a community of individuals who understand what it means to deal with a concussion. We're all in this together!

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