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About Us

Raising awareness & promoting education

Queen's Concussion Awareness Committee is a student-run club out of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Our mission is to raise awareness about concussions, promote safety in sports and daily activities, and provide support and resources for individuals affected by concussions within the Kingston community.


What We Do

  • Educate: We believe that knowledge is the first stop towards prevention and recovery. QCAC is committed to educating students, athletes, faculty and other members of the Kingston community about the signs, symptoms, and risks associated with concussions.

  • Advocate​: We advocate for safety measures and best practices to prevent concussions, both in sports and everyday activities. We collaborate with groups across campus to promote safer practices and reduce the risk of concussions. 

  • Support: If you or someone you know has experienced a concussion, we're here to help with our Helpline. We provide resources, guidance, and a supportive network for individuals dealing with concussions, including access to medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists. 

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